13 Transactional Email Examples You Can Use In Your Campaign

Have you already used email marketing in your digital strategies? Whether you are new in this area or have already sent email messages, there is no doubt that you know that email marketing and its types are the greatest ways to create successful and long-term communications. Simply put, transactional emails are messages which provide pieces of information and updates about ongoing transactions. These emails are a primary part of email campaigns and especially work for retail and e-commerce stores. They also have a huge potential to build customer trust, raise engagement, give more recognition to your brand, and so on. In this article, we will focus on transactional email examples, which are famous email marketing types. 

Transactional Email Examples In Email Marketing

As we say the importance of transactional emails is significant, and they are a primary part of each successful email marketing campaign. It is essential to understand that transactional emails are not only emailed message types, but they also display security and reliability for users. According to statistics, transactional messages have a CTR of 4.8%.  So, they provide safety and security to users when they have any action or experience with online stores. And they document every online transaction and activity. 

Like every kind of email, transactional emails also have their types and examples, and next, we will talk about them in more detail. Let’s explore the best transactional email examples together. 

The Best Transactional Email Examples

Transactional emails are the popular type of email marketing. The greatest part of transactional emails is personalization. Yeah, these emails are sent to individual customers and provide relevant information. Because of this, the open rate of transactional emails is very high. Transactional email examples are many. They include:

  • Order Confirmation Emails
  • Order Cancellation Emails 
  • Shipping Notification Emails 
  • Delivery Confirmation Emails 
  • Double Opt-In Emails
  • Password Reset Emails
  • Legal Update Emails
  • Invoicing And Billing Emails
  • The Account Activation, Deactivation, And Verification Emails
  • The Customer Feedback Emails
  • The Abandoned Cart Emails
  • The Reminder Emails
  • Renewal Emails

Well, now let’s discuss all of them in more detail. 

Order Confirmation Emails

The most famous example of transactional emails is order confirmation emails. They are email messages sent to users who completed any action in retail stores. These emails contain details about buyers’ orders and also motivate them to do the next step. Order confirmation emails include more details about customers’ orders and display relevant information for them. We may say that order confirmation emails contain information and details that customers want to see. To create excellent order confirmation email messages, pay attention to having a better subject line and choose the best time for sending. Also, don’t forget to select the best email template for this. 

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The Order Cancellation Emails

Just like order confirmation emails, there are also order cancellation emails. Cancellation messages are sent to customers to cancel a contract or any subscription. The cancellation can be for different reasons. It is unsurprising that customers come and go, and there are times when they need to send cancellation emails. 

So, to write a good order cancellation email you must be consistent and include relevant and valuable content in your emails. And no matter if customers cancel their order or stop to engage with your brand, you must provide value to them. It would be best also to mention what customers will be missing out on when they cancel emails by doing it in creative ways. Remember that cancellation is not the end, and you can still bring the customer back with many engaging methods.  

Shipping Notification Emails

The following example of a transactional email is a shipping notification email. This is a form of notification that gets customers after the online buying process. With this notification, retail stores inform customers that their orders have been shipped and they can wait until the time of arrival. Logically, these emails have a high open rate because they provide customers with relevant details about their orders. 

So, shipping notification emails are a great way also to motivate customers to make purchases again and engage them effectively. Everyone is glad to see its order details and follow the process, so don’t worry about your shipping notification email open rating. It is a popular method to start a shipping notification email with a thank you message. This encourages customers and allows them to feel valuable. So, you can include this practice in your shipping notification emails. 

Delivery Confirmation Emails

Completing the shipping notification email series, let’s also talk about delivery confirmation emails. Delivery confirmation emails verify when the product is ready to deliver to the necessary location. This is also part of the customer purchase journey, like shipping notifications and order emails. Like the rest, delivery confirmation emails also work great for e-commerce and retail stores. They look like a service that provides customers with an online store when they make a purchase. Also, these emails give users a feeling of security about their purchases. So to create a delivery confirmation email strategically, you must discuss several components, like:

  • Highlighting the address
  • Making your emails more mobile friendly
  • Using the best template
  • Adding contact information

Mostly, delivery confirmation emails need personalization. So you can use relevant tools to have better-personalized messages. 

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Double Opt-In Emails

Double Opt-In emails introduce a message to be sent to customers when they sign up on the website or subscribe. These emails have a specific purpose of getting confirmation for the subscription because only after that user officially will be added to your email marketing list. The main benefits of these emails are that with them, spamming chances are reduced, and your subscribers will be real people who most likely will become your customers. 

So, double opt-in emails bring value to your email marketing campaign, improve your email deliverability, and build a valuable email marketing list for your business. We may say that these emails are the first impression you have with customers when they have their first interaction with your brand. So, it would be great to use an excellent template and relevant content for this email to leave a fantastic first impression.    

Password Reset Emails

You probably received many password reset emails, so they are undoubtedly not unfamiliar to you. Password reset emails have one specific goal, and it is to help users update their accounts passwords securely. Usually, these emails include links where you can reset your password. 

So, as you see, email marketing is not only for business promotion but also helps users to keep their accounts safe and secure. This surely gives more value to email marketing and its types. Password reset emails suggest solutions when a customer wants to re-establish access to the account, when the user didn’t initiate the request, etc. Perfect password reset emails have a readable subject line that mentions the “From” name, the link to reset the password, CTA to contact support, and also information about who requested the reset. 

Legal Update Emails

With the continued series of transactional email examples, it turns to talk about legal update emails. Every business and company has legal agreements and privacy policy terms that change from time to time. So, it is necessary to inform customers about the changes and get their consent about new details of agreements. 

The most crucial component of legal update emails is that they must be more readable and provide complete information about new privacy and policy. These emails are necessary because they allow users to always be informed about privacy policy changes and know every detail. The best legal update emails include name and address, a CTA, and the package of all new agreements. Like any type of transactional email, the legal update messages also don’t have promotional nature. 

Invoicing And Billing’s Emails 

Invoicing and billing are commercial documents that list all transactions between a buyer and a brand. These emails are part of transactional email examples and work especially for services that sell products. 

As a popular transactional email, invoice emails have many benefits. At first, they make relationships between buyer and seller better and make it long-term. To write an excellent invoicing email, you must choose the best template, send the invoice as an attachment and also include a relevant subject line. Email invoices are effective and convenient. So, don’t forget to use them in your email marketing campaign.  

The Account Activation, Deactivation, And Verification Emails 

If you want to have an account on digital platforms, you must verify your identity as an individual user. In this case, emails come to help. So, account activation, deactivation, and verification emails complete the series of transactional emails. 

Account activation emails are sent to customers to ensure they are signing up and already have access. In turn, account deactivation emails are sent to customers to confirm that they have deactivated their accounts. And finally, verification emails are sent to customers to verify them when they take some action, create an account, or create a support ticket. Verification emails usually include a button and link where the user must verify their identity. They are also designed to look like welcome email messages because sometimes they are the first connection between business and customer.  

Customer Feedback Emails

One of the essential examples of transactional emails is customer feedback emails. Let’s define what this is. Customer feedback emails are messages that send customers and acquire a response from them about their experiences and actions with your brand. Customer feedback emails are a great way for businesses to collect feedback and understand their customer’s expectations. These emails can take several forms like: 

  • 1-10 survey forms
  • open-ended questions forms
  • multiple choice answers forms, etc. 

Sending customer feedback emails is full of benefits. At first, it can measure customers’ satisfaction levels and also discover new opportunities to improve products and services. And finally, they create customer loyalty which is the most crucial factor in having a successful business. 

The Abandoned Cart Emails

These are email messages sent to customers who add products to their online shopping cart but do not complete the checkout process. In simple words, these emails have a specific purpose to re-engage users back to business. The successful abandoned cart emails have an ideal template, catchy subject lines, personalized content, and so on. For example, famous brands like Asos use the subject line “Don’t forget about me.” This is a simple but catchy subject line, and there is no doubt that it will grab the user’s attention. So, pay attention to this to write good abandoned cart emails.   

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The Reminder Emails

Another part of transactional emails is reminder emails. Reminder emails remind customers of missing a payment, meeting, or something else. These emails help customers remember and take action. There are event reminder emails, emails for clients, meeting reminder events, payment reminder emails, or reminders that motivate customers to take action or make a purchase. Perfect reminder emails focus on a good subject line, situation, solution, action, and also CTA. We can say that reminder email messages are common email marketing strategies that have a more open rate and response rate. So, don’t forget to use them in your campaign.  

Renewal Emails

And the final example of transactional emails, which also is considered a reminder, is renewal emails. These are automated email messages with the unique goal of reminding customers of their subscription expiration and encouraging them to take a new action. These emails are an excellent opportunity to build long-term connections with customers and re-engage them to continue to have experience with the brand. Renewal emails work great, especially with subscription-based services like Netflix, Disney, or others.   

For The Final Thoughts

By summarizing transactional email examples, we can say that they are a necessary part of each successful email marketing campaign. It is essential to understand that each example has its own principles, and it is necessary always to explore best practices for avoiding mistakes and success in your campaign. Transactional email importance is great whether you rule a business or any institution, and they are a primary part of email campaigns. So, follow this guide, explore great templates, and start using transactional email examples. 

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