Email Branding: 12 Tips To Brand Your Emails

The role of email messages is growing day by day. As a powerful and popular marketing strategy, email marketing has become more and more necessary for businesses and not only. With the name of email marketing, you may have also heard about email branding. Sounds great, yeah?

Email branding is the set of processes to build a successful brand identity with the help of email messages. In simple words, you need to include your branding elements in your emails and introduce your brand identity. Yeah, email marketing is a great tool to make your brand famous and make your brand name popular. In this article, you can identify how to brand your emails, but now let’s understand the importance of branded emails for your business. 


The Importance Of Email Branding

According to statistics, email subscribers, spend over 30-40 seconds reading an email, so this means that you have enough time to leave a good impression and introduce your brand identity. The importance of email branded emails is significant, especially for businesses. It will bring your business:


  • Maximized values
  • Brand awareness
  • Recognition
  • High ROI
  • Competitive advantage


As you can see, the benefits are great and encourage you to invest in branding. But it is essential to understand that to get these results; you must create an excellent strategy and also a powerful brand identity. 


Top Elements Of Email Branding

Developing an effective branding strategy for your emails takes work; it requires focused work and passion. Every successful strategy consists of basic elements you need to pay attention to. The series open subject line, which is discussed in the first and essential component of every email message. The following is the color palette and your brand logo design. These two are the primary elements of branded emails because they introduce your brand identity. Especially colors have significant importance. They can create different emotions and influence your potential customer’s decisions. And the final top element is your email signature which is discussed as the last impression that your customers will get. 

12 Tips To Brand Your Emails

Well, now that you already know the importance of branded emails and also the top elements that you need to include in your strategy, it is time to discuss several valuable tips for branding your emails. As a guide, these tips help you in every stage of your branding. Starting from email templates to your brand slogan helps you create a strong strategy and raise brand awareness. Remember that each one has its own principles and effectiveness for your branding campaign. Let’s discuss each tip in more detail and understand how to brand your emails. 


Develop Your Tone And Voice

Actually, branding strategies require a consistent and strong tone and voice. And first, you must develop your brand tone and voice to brand your emails. No matter which type and size your business is, anything depends on how you can display your brand to potential customers. Simply put, brand tone and voice are all about the emotions your audience feels when having an experience with your brand. It is also about your writing style, your branding elements, and so on. You can be sure that your email branding strategy will succeed by developing a tone and voice for your emails. With this, you can clearly convey your brand mission and message to your audience and also raise brand awareness.  


Create A Design And Template

The next tip is about templates and design. Yeah, these two are the essential factors for successful email branding. It is important to use similar designs and templates in your emails; always remember that similarity is the key principle of  branding. To keep similarity, you can use templates from one source or create and design them yourself. 

So, we may say that the first step that you need to take for to brand your emails is creating, designing, or just selecting a beautiful template for your email messages. The email template must match your brand identity and include your branding elements. Design your template with your brand colors, include your logo design, and be sure it clearly shows your brand identity. 

Green leaf with the white card


Incorporate Images

Visuals must be a primary part of your email branding because they are more engaging, catchy, and exciting. In simple words, as with every visual element, images give your emails life and colors and provide more chances to show your brand identity. To use images effectively, you must use consistent style, standard size, relevant files, etc. Follow these principles to use images successfully and leave a better impression. 

It is a famous practice in email marketing to use clickable images. This is an exciting feature from which you can take advantage to brand your emails. Making images clickable allows users to click a picture and go on your website or anywhere you want. So, this is an excellent method to give customers more information about your brand.  


Create An Email Signature

One of the most critical components of email branding is branded signature. But what does branded email signature mean? This is an email signature that matches your branding elements and puts a view on your brand identity. Nowadays, 62% of marketers use branded email signatures to promote their businesses. So, to have an effective campaign, a branded signature is a compulsory element. Usually, branded signatures include your brand logo and branded color palette.

In short, it shows the main components of your branding. So, to have a branded signature means being professional and memorable. Besides the fact that email signatures can build brand awareness and successful branding, it is also a great way to create trust around your business and keep customers loyal. Yeah, with a branded signature, people trust you more. 


Secure Your Email Domain

Security is crucial in all cases and also in email branding. A secured domain is the fundament of your email marketing and branding. It will provide better email deliverability and allow you to avoid cyber attacks. To keep your email domain secure, you can use various solutions which offer new technologies. Nowadays, with artificial intelligence and machine learning models, businesses can have domain protection easily and quickly. 

One of the most common ways to secure your email domain is by using authentication and verification tools to provide you with more security. You can take advantage of SPF records to protect your email domain, determine all IP addresses, and check their authenticity. Also, you can add a DMARC record for verifying senders and allow the domain owner to take and determine different actions.


Consider Linking

Previously, we talked about clickable pictures, which allow readers to take action and go to the brand’s website or anywhere. This is the part of email linking, and it, in turn, is the primary part of branded emails. So, email linking gives you opportunities to bring readers to your website, YouTube channel, and social media accounts and explore more about your brand or choose their favorite platform to have an experience with your brand. 

Besides clickable visuals, you can also use social media sharing buttons and link readers there. Relevant links will tell more about your brand and encourage potential customers to take action. Consider email linking to brand your emails effectively. 


Include A Tagline Or Slogan

The following tip to brand your emails is to create a tagline or slogan and use it in your emails. The main difference between a tagline and a slogan is purpose. Taglines usually focus on raising brand awareness, and in contrast, slogans concentrate on selling products and services. As you can see, to brand your emails, these two are necessary, but especially taglines are more important. 

The tagline must introduce your brand messages in a few words and give readers strong emotions. One of the most popular and influential tagline examples is KFC’s tagline, “It’s Finger-Lickin’ Good.” This is an excellent example of a tagline that works both for branding and also for selling. So, don’t forget taglines and slogans if you want to brand your emails successfully. 


Write Relevant Content

Another tip to brand your emails effectively is to write relevant and engaging content. Branded emails have the specific goal of bringing your business more brand recognition and brand awareness. So, starting from your subject line to the email body and call-to-action, they all must serve this purpose. To create and share relevant and high-quality content for your branded emails, you must:


  • Use engaging language
  • Include visual elements
  • Write clearly and accurately
  • Use branded words and phrases


With content, you must build strong relationships with your readers and stay in their minds. It is not easy but also not impossible. Just explore the famous examples and practices, learn from them, and create the perfect content to brand your emails. 


Use A Consistent Style 

We already discussed consistent language and style in email branding. Let’s explore more about it in more detail because, besides the templates and email design, it is essential to use a consistent style in every case. Actually, consistency is the thing that is required by every customer because it allows them to recognize the brands with which they have interacted before. Yeah, consistency is key to having a successful strategy, and you must keep it in every stage of it. With a consistent style and language, you will have more recognition and, therefore, a successful campaign. So, use a consistent manner to brand your emails and enjoy significant outcomes. 


Add Business-Centric Video And Visual Content

Although the purpose of email branding is not selling, it is essential to include in your branded emails business-centric video and visual content that display your products and services to readers in various ways. So it will be great to explore how to send a video through email for a good branding campaign. Besides the products and services, you can also embed pictures of your team members’ working processes or team-building events. Business-centric visuals provide your potential customers with specific pieces of information about your brand and create more trust in your business. And the more you build trust, the more awareness and customer loyalty you will have. Just remember to avoid using more sales-heavy language in your business-centric emails and give readers more value. Let your customers feel that they use a brand that has clear and valuable brand messages and mission. 


Send Personalized Messages

Personalization is critical even in email branding. This is a common tactic to provide more personalized messages and motivate readers to explore more about your brand. Personalization must be based on the customer’s experience and suggest they retake action. Personalized email messages are a great chance to take customers closer to your brand and make them loyal. 

To send personalized email messages, you must explore users’ experiences, understand their habits and behavior and suggest what they want. You can add email messages to your branding elements, mention exciting facts about your brand and engage with customers better. These messages will give customers more value and will build long-term relationships with them.  


Test Your Emails 

The final tip to brand your emails and create an effective email campaign is testing. Whether you start an email marketing or branding campaign, testing can help you understand your style and allow you to create branded emails more effectively. Testing means trying various tips to brand your emails and finally choosing the best tips for you. This is so essential because it will give you an extensive understanding of your audience and also your future steps and goals. Testing your emails also means using branding strategies in different industries and understanding where it works better. Besides all the benefits, it will give you a lot of experience and knowledge. 


For The Final Thoughts 

Well, it is time to finish and take action. Now you know many valuable tips for branding your emails and creating a successful strategy. Use this guide for your following actions and boost your branding via emails. 

Creating strong email branding is cost-effective and just requires creative business thinking. So, start to think more creatively and brand your emails to get more recognition, awareness, and, therefore, sales. Also, don’t forget to share your experience.

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